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“Super Alkali Ion Water” to protect environment while reducing costs, protecting workers and their health

What is “Super Alkali Ion Water?”

  • Safety guaranteed; 99.83% Water

    Safety guaranteed; 99.83% Water

    Super Alkali Ion Water is strong alkaline electrolyzed water that maximizes the power of water. For the same pH12.5, if this is strong alkaline chemicals such as caustic soda, it can be dangerous causing chemical burns and other hazards. That said, “Super Alkali Ion Water” is harmless to human body. In fact, this is the first strong alkaline electrolyzed water proven not to harm human protein cells.

  • High cleaning performance

    High cleaning performance

    The reason why Super Alkali Ion Water can perform such powerful cleaning jobs is due to the following 4 effects.
    Through the mechanism these 4 effects work mutually effectively, Super Alkali Ion Water can achieve the same or even stronger cleaning missions as any other synthetic detergents.
    1 Interface penetration
    2 Emulsification & separation
    3 Peeling & dispersion
    4 Soapification

  • Excellent sterilization power

    Excellent sterilization power

    Under the hydrogen ion concentration level (pH 12.5 or higher) of Super Alkali Ion Water, microorganisms cannot live and bacteria including food poisoning ones die in 30 seconds. The same hydrogen ion concentration level also prevents water from decay.
    Most objects in the world are affected by oxidation and reduction. When it oxidizes, metals rust, plants fade and discolor, and animals age and get frail. The opposite action to prevent the above phenomena is called reduction. Super Alkali Ion Water has an oxidation reduction potential unit exceeding -900 mV. The larger this value is, the stronger the oxidizing power, and the larger the negative value is, the stronger the reducing power.

  • Strong anti-rust effect

    Strong anti-rust effect

    【Anti-rust test of iron】
    Metals do not rust for a long time in pH 12.5 Super Alkali Ion Water that does not contain chlorine ions. Even when it’s dry, the passivation film formed on the metal surface keeps the antirust effect for several days to several weeks.

High safety level

In general, most "soap" and "cleaning agent" on store shelves contain various chemical additives including synthetic surfactants, and are considered dangerous due to their high toxicity, permeability and persistence. It is said that they could trigger symptoms such as skin irritations, rashes, eczema, and etc. when in contact with skin, and could also cause symptoms such as liver dysfunction, carcinogenic support, and reduction of blood components when absorbed into a body.

Super Alkali Ion Water is safe for people and environment. The only components of the colorless, odorless and non-irritating Super Alkali Ion Water are trace amounts of inorganic electrolytes and water. There are no chemically synthesized substances or environmental pollutants such as BOD / COD in the contents. As a result, Super Alkali Ion Water causes no harm to underground or water pollution. In addition, Super Alkali Ion Water is exempt from regulations including PRTR Law, VOC Regulations, or Fire Services Act. What that means is that with Super Alkali Ion Water, you are free from worries of risks causing fire or explosions, but you can still expect thorough cleaning performances at any places or for anything you need complete work done.

Super Alkali Ion Water
Tests on Super Alkali Ion Water and test agencies
The test results for the following tests are available upon requests
Antibacterial activity test in strong alkaline cleaning water(Incorporated Foundation Tokyo Kenbikyo-In)
Antibacterial activity test in alkaline cleaning water(Miyagi Prefecture Association of Public health)
Safety Data Sheet (POCA)
POCA analysis test report(Japan Functional Food Analysis and Research Center)
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Canine parvovirus wiping test(Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science)
Canine parvovirus inactivation test(Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science)
Norovirus inactivation test(Japan Functional Food Analysis and Research Center)
Patch test(Souken Co., Ltd.)
Legionella bacteria inactivation test(Japan Functional Food Analysis and Research Center)
Product safety data sheet (MSDS)
Laundry comparison test data Boken test(Incorporated Foundation Boken Quality Evaluation Institute)
E. coli inactivation test(Japan Functional Food Analysis and Research Center)
Super Alkaline Ionized Water Analysis Report(NS Environment Corporation Co., Ltd.)
Test results of cleaning removal of radioactive substances(Japan Functional Food Analysis and Research Center)
Dissolved Hydrogen Measurement Report(Hydrogen research laboratory at UP Company Co., Ltd.)


Super Alkali Ion Water is used in a variety of settings across industries and is effective in reducing costs, improving safety and environment, cleaning floor, cleaning and disinfecting inside of factories. All combined, Super Alkali Ion Water contributes for better society.

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Introducing Super Alkali Ion Water

Super Alkali Ion Water

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